The Naturocrit Podcast - Episode 012d3.1 [s02e02d3.1]

December 18th, 2016

In this Naturocrit Podcast Episode 012, aka s02e02, titled "Preponderant and Universal Medical Ethical Codes and North American Naturopathy's Transgressions", I'll be looking at general professional ethical commitments and specifically modern medicine's ethical commitments, and comparing those stringencies to naturopathy's 'anything goes ethical laxity and required fraudulence'.
In this Episode 012d3.1 aka s02e02d3.1, the first half of the last third of Part Four of this Episode 012, I'll begin to conclude this episode by looking at: the MNANP briefly again, various sources within naturopathy that claim 'branch of medical science upon naturopathy' as NDs Smith and Logan did in that 2002 MCNA paper, the FTC's recent action regarding homeopathy, and my letter of complaint to FTC about 'naturopathy's miseducation product labeling'.