The Naturocrit Podcast - Episode 012d2 [s02e02d2]

November 30th, 2016

In this Naturocrit Podcast Episode 012, aka s02e02, titled "Preponderant and Universal Medical Ethical Codes and North American Naturopathy's Transgressions", I'll be looking at general professional ethical commitments and specifically modern medicine's ethical commitments, and comparing those stringencies to naturopathy's 'anything goes ethical laxity and required fraudulence'.
In this Episode 012d2 aka s02e02d2, which is the second third of the Episode's Part Four, I cover: a recent piece by ND Wiancek claiming naturopathy's homeopathy is categorically science, a 2011 paper by Caulfield and Rachul that surveyed Canadian NDs' sites and found them to be replete with therapies that lack scientific support, and the 2002 MCNA naturopathy proponentry paper by NDs Smith and Logan that categorically falsely labels naturopathy science.  I will also delve into some of that 2002 article's supporting references.