The Naturocrit Podcast - Episode 012c1.1 [s02e02c1.1]

June 21st, 2016

In this Naturocrit Podcast Episode 012, aka s02e02, titled "Preponderant and Universal Medical Ethical Codes and North American Naturopathy's Transgressions", I'll be looking at general professional ethical commitments and specifically modern medicine's ethical commitments, and comparing those stringencies to naturopathy's 'anything goes ethical laxity and required fraudulence'.
In this first half of the first half of Part Three [really!], I briefly cover Yale University's 'naturopathillogical boosterism' and the New Haven County Medical Association and its ethical strictures.  Then I go in-depth into 'naturopathy's pseudorules' by way of a 2012 AANP presentation that gets us toward the AANP Code of Ethics, ND Traub's "Thinking Ethically - the Evolution of a Naturopathic Code of Ethics, the Physician-Patient Relationship, and an Interactive Discussion About Right and Wrong."